Depends on Your Definition of “True Nevadan”

In an interview with KOLO News Now in Reno, Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Schwartz provided a curiously evasive answer to the reporter’s question about just how long he’s lived in Nevada.

“I was originally here in 2000-2001,” Schwartz replied. “9/11 came I had a business in Hong Kong. I really couldn’t do it from here so I moved to the Bay Area. But as soon as we were bought out, I wrote a book and then moved back here.”

Um, what year was that again? Schwartz never says.

In addition, in his official campaign video Schwartz claims that “he came to Nevada two decades ago.” But that would mean 1997, not 2000 – unless you’re using fuzzy math in which “two decades” equals 17 years, not 20 years.

Quibbling? Maybe. But if you’ll fudge something that small – after all, all he had to do was add one word: “almost” – maybe that’s a warning that other campaign claims shouldn’t necessarily be taken at face value.

Like his claim to be a “conservative.” But that’s another topic for another day.

In any event, Schwartz noted that when he first “came to Nevada” he only stayed for less than two years, then left…with no indication as to exactly when he returned. Though it appears it was almost a decade later when he returned to run for Congress!

Still, give Schwartz credit for having the chutzpah to nevertheless declare in the interview, “So, if you want to look at a true Nevadan…”

“True Nevadan,” huh? Let’s see…

According to his 2017 Personal Financial Disclosure, he RENTS a house in Carson City and “Weekends” in a house he owns in…CALIFORNIA!

And not just any ol’ house…but a luxurious, $3 million mini-mansion in Sausalito which is described by Zillow thusly…

“Situated in the heart of the Banana Belt on little known Cooper Lane, this stunning turn of the century classic residence w/pano SF & Bay views was once the Sausalito Tennis Club! Never before on the market, this 4BR/4BA (including sep garden/in-law suite)indoor/outdoor private home with 6 car off street prking”

How many “true Nevadans” do you know who “weekend” in Nancy Pelosi’s back yard in Liberal-Land, U.S.A.?

Is there something wrong with Lake Tahoe?

When considering Mr. Schwartz’s campaign claims, Nevada conservatives shouldn’t trust AND verify.

By the way, Adam Laxalt – Schwartz’s expected conservative GOP primary opponent and current Nevada attorney general – was born in Reno, NEVADA.

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